Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dear diary,
I am currently enjoying the stretch between one year and another, the summer holiday. Though most of my friends have travelled, this year i'm spending six weeks stuck in one city. Already three weeks have passed but it all just feels as if i'm having one long weekend. Anyway, to understand everything I will write about in future, you need to know my past; year 7 was a very bumpy road.

Before even starting secondary, my school hosted a summer camp so everyone from year six could get familiar to the setting and make some friends. First, I met two people named Zara and Mia who were best friends from primary. I spent the first few days with them but eventually more people joined us, either more friends from primary or just new people. Together, we formed a squad consisting of: me, Zara, Mia, Nadia, Hannah, Matilda and Zainab. However, when school started, many of us had been separated into different classes or forms thus finding new people to hang out with. On the other hand, after spending one week in a class, I moved to another to learn a different language thinking I would still be able to hang out with my other friends. Rather, I made friends with people in my class and mainly spent my time with Robin and Samuel who grew to be my best friends. After just a few months, I had a small crush on Samuel but valentine's day was coming up and Samuel had already mentioned he liked Zainab. Robin and I had helped him to make a card but Zainab still turned him down.

Gradually, throughout the next few months, more people joined us called Agnes and Sasha. At first I didn't like Sasha too much but eventually I grew to like her. Then one day I caught Agnes shouting at Sasha and stood up for her, therefore Agnes and I weren't friends anymore. Then we had a half term holiday and a lot of rumours spread. People seemed to believe that I was bullying Agnes and Agnes had been going around telling everyone that she was going to commit suicide because of all the bullying which clearly left me baffled because i hadn't even spoken to her since our fight. Then it seemed my friends believed it too so I ended up hanging out with different people and different squads every day. Things only got worse from here. Samuel decided that I was a “rude person and everyone deserved to know” and told my class that I was responsible for someone's future death and the entire class started bullying me, so I started hanging out with my old friend from summer camp Zara and we had a lot of fun together but Samuel was still on my nerves. I had accepted that I wouldn't be friends with Robin again but I still liked Samuel and was annoyed at him for believing Agnes at the same time. As you can see, I have very mixed feelings, and by the way, Agnes ended up not committing suicide and yet everyone still thought of me as a bully. Anyway, I have to go, bye diary!